Destiny Resource pack

Destiny Resource pack

Destiny is a high-resolution photo realistic resource pack that was created by a creator known as Willo (willo_mc). This is one of the most realistic resource packs that anyone can find on the internet. 

About Destiny

Destiny is a resource pack that first appeared on the internet more than a year ago (2022). Since then it has become one of the most downloaded and one of the most well-known realistic resource packs among the Minecraft community. To achieve the details and its realistic atmosphere the resource pack uses many rendering techniques such as PBR and POM.

PBR and POM usage

Using a resource pack that uses PBR & POM is a bit more complicated than a regular resource pack. First, you need to have Optifine installed. Secondly, you need to use a PBR and POM compatible Shader pack alongside the resource pack. 

Shader Usage 

Many shader packs support PBR rendering. But in our experience, the ones that best fit for Destiny are SEUS v11 and SEUS PTGI shaders. But the choice of shader pack is completely up to personal preference. You can choose any shader you want as long as they support PBR rendering. You can find some of the other recommended shaders below. 

Hardware requirements for Destiny resource pack

Destiny is a high-resolution resource pack. So it requires more pc performance than a normal resource pack. But it also depends on the shader that you are using and the resource pack resolution that you are using. But as a baseline you must have,

  • 4 core CPU (or more)
  • Good GPU with 4 GB (or more) video memory 
  • 12 GB (or more) ram  

How to download Destiny resource pack?

There are four different resolutions of Destiny resource packs to choose from. Among them, 1024×1024 pixel, 512×512 pixel, and 256×256 pixel resolutions are only available for patron supporters. But the 128×128 pixel resolution pack is completely free and anyone can download it. 

Is there a bedrock version of Destiny? 

There isn’t a bedrock version publicly available yet. But the creators have said that they are planning to release a Destiny RTX version for bedrock in the future. 

Can I use Destiny with iris mod?

Destiny resource packs feature many custom-made models and textures which require optifine to work. Because of that, you can’t use Destiny with iris mod.  

[su_note note_color=”#d5f2f7″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”4″]Progress: (JE 45%) (BE 0%)
Game version: 1.19.4 Snapshots+
Resolution 128x
Optifine: Yes[/su_note]



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