Fat Leaves resource pack – JE

Fat leaves is another Minecraft better-leave resource pack. But is that it? certainly not. Fat leaves resource pack is at another level among other better leaf resource packs. If you wondering what makes it different this is what.

Fat leaves add a few different features to the game. You all have seen basic plain oak leaves for many years. But Fat leaves change it completely. It adds stunning oak flowers and the flowers are biome based. Because of that, you will see the flowers in biomes like plains and jungles.

minecraft oak leaves with flowers

This resource pack also changes the birch leaves completely. They are no longer boring dark green color, now they are beautifully textured with pink.

pink birch

To work properly Fat leaves require Optifine to be installed. If not you won’t get the custom color changes and bushy leave textures.

[su_note note_color=”#d5f2f7″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”4″]Progress: (JE 100%) (BE 0%)
Game version: 1.19.4 Snapshots+
Resolution 16x
Optifine: Yes[/su_note]


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