3 Best Affordable Minecraft Server Hosts in 2023

Minecraft server hosting is a costly process. To make a playable game environment for the players you have to purchase a better hosting solution with a good hardware configuration. But to get better performance most of the time you have to pay a premium price. So let’s find out the 3 best affordable Minecraft server hosts in 2023 that isn’t going to hurt your pocket.

01. Pebblehost


PebblePost is a great hosting solution with lots of benefits. In pebble host, you can get 1 GB of memory for just 1$ a month. For most starting Minecraft servers 8BGs of ram going to be more than enough. That means it’s only going to cost 8$ per month. You can get up to 25 GBS of ram and you get Intel Xeon E5-1630v3 or Intel i7-7700k processor, Unlimited Enterprise Grade fast SSD storage, 160 Gbps DDoS Protection, and Unlimited player Slots for the same amount. 

If you are willing to pay a little bit more they also have Premium & Extreme server plans which include the latest and best hardware configurations like Ryzen 7 5800X and 480 Gbps DDoS Protection. 

Pebblehost minecraft hosting features



Hostinger is a hosting provider that has great repetitions for extremely good services and customer support. Even though they are mainly popular for their cutting-edge web hosting they are still one of the best affordable Minecraft server hosts available in 2023. Their Minecraft server hosting plan starts at 6.99$ a month and it includes fast 4 GB RAM, 1 vCPU Hardware, Mod Support, Full Root Access, DDoS Protection, and most importantly Automatic Off-Site Backups. 

If you have a bit more budget you can get the VPS Enderman Plan which comes with 16 GB’s of ram and 4 vCPU. 

Hostinger minecraft server hosting

03.Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is one of the most popular Minecraft hosts among players. They offer Java & Bedrock Edition Servers, All Mod & Plugin Support, Premium Hardware & Low Latency, Full FTP & MYSQL Database Access, Free Server Transfer, 24/7 Servers with 99.9% Uptime and even a 7-day money-back guarantee. Although Apex Hosting is one of the pricey hosting plans in this list. Their most popular plan starts at $14.99 a month and it only includes 4 gbs of ram. So if you are looking for a bit more cost-effective hosting, Apex Hosting isn’t for you.

Apex Hosting price

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