5 Useful Plugins YOU Need For Your Minecraft Server

Plugins can be added to your Minecraft server to make it more fun and exciting. They also can make a huge difference in the player experience and even make your server more secure. In this article, we are going to talk about five absolutely useful plugins you need for your Minecraft server.

  1. Slime fun

Bored of the default survival items and enchants? Then try slimefun it adds tons of cool machines, tools and enchants to the game. Slimefun community creates tons of cool addons and accessories to use with this plugin so you’ll never get bored with this plugin in your server. Try it and I’m sure players will love it.

  1. Login security
Login security

This plugin is a lifesaver on cracked servers. It’ll let your players register and login with a password so only people who knows that password can access the account.this way hackers cannot steal others account even if they join the server with the same name. Great plugin for improving the security and works on any version ever!

  1. DiscordSRV

DiscordSRV offers you the power to chat and send commands to your server through Discord. It’s a bit hard to set it up but once it’s fully set it will be worth it because now you can chat with in-game players without having to open the game. And you can also make. Separate channel and make it the remote console which will send everything from the console to that channel and you’ll be able to execute commands from that channel.

It’s a unique plugin which you should have on your Minecraft server. Try it now!

  1. Grief Prevention
Grief Prevention

Everybody hates when the new guy starts looting and destroying everything right? Well grief prevention will prevent that from happening. Unlike other land claim plugin grief prevention is a super customizable plugin.


  • Highly customizable
  • 100% reliable
  • Works on any version

Try and see for yourself! It’s the only land-claiming plugin you’ll ever need!

  1. EssentialsX

Hands down, EssentialsX is one of the most useful plugins you can ever get. It gives you over 130 commands and provides many moderation tools.


  • Teleportation system
  • In-game shop
  • Sethome
  • Setwarp
  • Kits
  • And many more!

Works in all versions and doesn’t require a huge server to operate.

Those five plugins are the best plugins I recommend having in your Minecraft server. They are useful and fun. So make sure to try them out and leave a comment!

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