Top 5 most downloaded Minecraft maps.

Minecraft is a unique game that needs no explanation. It gives the players full control over the game resulting in some mind-blowing creations. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the top 5 most downloaded Minecraft maps.

  1. Cops and Robbers 4: High Security [1.05M Downloads]
Cops and Robbers 4: High Security

With over a million downloads, cops and Robbers 4 is a minigame map where you can roleplay with your friends. The map was released to Planet Minecraft in 2013 and has been updated till 2020.

The publisher, podcrash is still active and posts content and updates to Planet Minecraft.

  1. The dropper 2 [1.23M]
The dropper 2

The Dropper 2 is a sequel to The dropper map which is also a famous map. The goal is to land on the water while falling from high land. It is very stunning to look and you should try it out.

(This map only works on 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7)

  1. 15 levels of parkour [1.37M Downloads]

This map was created in 2015 and features 15 parkour levels. the original post seems to be deleted unfortunately you are going to have to find it yourself if you want to play.

  1. The Dropper [1.88M Downloads]
The Dropper

The dropper features an extreme and challenging set of levels where you have to drop into the water from a high place. It has tons of levels. Published in 2012, it has over 3 million views on Planet Minecraft. Play using the 1.5 version for the best experience.

  1. Sky block [2.05M Downloads]
Sky block original

Sky block is a well-known game mode in the Minecraft community largely due to the original map’s popularity. It was released to the public in 2011 and is still receiving updates after all the years.

Those are the top 5 most downloaded Minecraft maps in the world.hope you found this article interesting. If you did please leave a comment down below.

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