Top 5 Spookiest Texture Packs

Just because it’s not Halloween doesn’t mean we can’t be spooky right? So today I found out the top 5 spookiest texture packs for you to try! In this article, you will be able to find out the best of the most spooky Minecraft texture packs for you and your friends.

  1. Demogorgon Warden (Optifine)
Demogorgon Warden (Optifine)

Do you remember Demogorgon from the stranger things show? Well, you can have him in Minecraft! This texture pack changes Warden to look like Demogorgon from stranger things.

It is honestly terrifying at night, especially with its glowy mouth. This texture pack only works for 1.19 and above.

  1. Zombie Body Parts
Zombie Body Parts

Why use zombie heads when you can use zombie body parts? The zombie body parts texture pack allows you to have and place zombie body parts anywhere you want.

After loading up the texture pack you need to do the commands below to obtain the body parts.

/give @s Minecraft:paper{CustomModelData:1} – Command to get the hand

/give @s Minecraft:paper{CustomModelData:2} – Command to get the head

/give @s Minecraft:paper{CustomModelData:3} – Command to get the body

To place the body parts you will need an item frame. Use the Invisible item frames texture pack for the best experience.

  1. Say Cheese! (optifine)
Say Cheese! (optifine)

For some, Ghasts can be a scary mob in Minecraft. But they can be more scary and creepy with this Minecraft texture pack which makes them look like they are smiling. And it also replaces ghast tears with teeth. Good luck going to the nether with this pack.

  1. Hungry Enderman
Hungry Enderman

This texture pack changes those normal-looking endermans into scary-looking monsters. Honestly, fighting with them will be very scary. It makes their eyes glow and overall makes them scary.

Good luck going to the nether with this pack cus these demands are hungry.

  1. Enhanced Spiders – 1.17.1
Enhanced Spiders - 1.17.1

At number one we got enhanced spiders. This texture pack dramatically changes the looks of the average spider making it much more realistic and scary. It also changes textures depending on the biome and spiders on the water will become floating lobsters to give it a much more realistic feel. Honesty you will not be able to go out at night with this texture pack because they look horrifying at night with their improved movements and textures.

Alright! Those are the top 5 spookiest Minecraft texture packs that you can download for free. I hope you have a fun time trying these out and good luck!

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