Another Anime Sky Resource pack

Another Anime Sky Resource pack

Another anime sky is an Anime themed realistic sky resource pack made for Minecraft. The texture pack is fully finished and unlike other Realistic Sky resource packs this is available for everyone to download and enjoy for free. 

Key features 

Another Anime Sky offers you a few different sky textures. 

  • Day sky
  • Evening sky
  • Night sky
  • Sunrise 
  • Rain and thunderstorm sky 
  • End Sky

The combination of all of the above skies makes a magnificent and immersive Minecraft experience. This resource pack adds a working day-night circle, Sun rises and sund down animations, Moon and Moon phases throughout different Minecraft days, and Realistic thunder animations when there are thunderstorms and anime-like clouds. 

Do you need to use Optifine while using Sky resource packs? 

Yes, you need to use Optifine while using Sky resource packs. Sky resource packs aren’t a default Minecraft feature because of that the textures need to be added using a mod or a plugin. That’s why you can’t use Sky resource packs without optifine. However, when you aren’t using Optine the sun and moon texture will work without any issue. 

Is there a bedrock version of Another Anime Sky Resource pack?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a bedrock version of Another Anime Sky Resource pack. Furthermore, we can’t hope there will be one in the future either. Bedrock resource packs are extremely different from Java resource packs. The reason for that is the limitations of Bedrock Minecraft. The custom Sky Blocks (the technique that is used to make custom sky textures for Java) is not a feature in bedrock. Due to that, making custom, working day and night circles for bedrock is impossible at the moment. 

[su_note note_color=”#d5f2f7″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”4″]Progress: (JE 100%) (BE 0%)
Game version: 1.19.4 Snapshots+
Resolution 16x
Optifine: Yes[/su_note]


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