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Willo’s 4K Sky is not just another Minecraft sky resource pack; it is a visual masterpiece.

If you want to make your Minecraft experience visually stunning, like when using a shader pack but without actually using one, this is definitely the way to go. You get absolutely amazing 4K sky textures along with 4K clouds, sun, moon, and star textures.

The attention to detail in this pack is unfathomable. The flickering green northern lights in the night sky, the ever-changing moon phases, and the bright, beautiful sun that turns into a burning red sun in the evenings, and the thousands of flickering night stars… I can go on and on forever.

So, if you need a bright, beautiful sky texture pack, Willo’s 4K Sky is the way to go.

How To Install Willo’s 4k sky

Willo’s 4K Sky requires Optifine in order to work. The reason for this is that the resource pack uses Minecraft’s custom skyboxes, which are not a default feature of the game. So, you need Optifine installed before using Willo’s 4K Sky pack. Also, keep in mind that this pack does not support IRIS.

Willo’s 4k sky – Screnshoots


Willo’s 4k sky Downlaod

37 MB

Settings adjustments

To get the maximum experience from Willo’s 4K Sky texture pack, you need to change some settings in Minecraft. You can follow along with the screenshots provided below.

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